A science fiction, fantasy graphic novel in the works
  Mark Lewis Wagner  © 2019


The story, set in the near future dystopia Port of Oakland, follows two graffiti artists and their journey into time, art, ghosts, an alien universe, the mythological God of War, and madness. The stakes are high – the initiation of humanity and the planet’s existence… crazy right?


Mark Lewis Wagner’s debut graphic novel “Graffiti Wars” is a shamanic journey into an artist’s creative imagination and out into a global problem. Beautifully illustrated, the science fiction / fantasy book includes rough sketches, drawings, paintings, a Spotify playlist, and digital art. In the story an artist named Graffiti Gurl, a time traveler, is being hunted by the Hound of War because she’s close to finding a key to an alien universe, and this will put War out of business. A young tugboat pilot named Hero might be the key. He gets entangled with the girl and is sent back in time into an insane asylum where he needs to paint and draw his way back. We aren’t sure if all this is just the crazy imagination of someone in a mental hospital, or perhaps he’s onto something more serious, and real.


The problem is that we know that War is destroying us and the planet, and we don’t know what to do about it because it’s beyond our imagination. Over a billion people killed in war, trillions of dollars being spent on the militaries and weapons, veterans struggling with PTSD, and the confusion of War being good for the economy – keeps a dangerous game in play.

The Gods of War are mythological, they are archetypal energies that Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, James Hillman, Michael Meade, Ed Tick all talk about as​ inborn energy that plays a role in influencing human behavior. Mars, Ares, Odin, Horus… our present Gods of War seem to be working for nations, corporations, politicians, men, power, and money.In James Hillman’s book “The Terrible Love of War,” he suggests we “Imagine War Differently.” Tell new stories, engage War with the imagination helping it return to the mythological and less in reality where it destroys life and the environment.

Graffiti Wars is this kind of story.



stay tuned…