First Book in Series of Three – off to the printers!


The God of War is enslaved by men, power, and money. With the help from an alien universe, a Vietnam Vet, ghosts, a whale and a dog, two Oakland graffiti artists journey through time and madness trying to save the world and each other.


Mark Lewis Wagner’s debut graphic novel, “Graffiti Wars” is a shamanic journey of initiation through an artist’s creative imagination. Gorgeously illustrated, the science fiction/fantasy book includes rough sketches, drawings, paintings, digital art, and a Spotify playlist.

An artist named Graffiti Gurl (GG), a time traveler, is being hunted by a mythical beast that belongs to the God of War. The beast is searching for her because it knows she will put War out of business, and that just isn’t going to happen. A young tugboat pilot and artist named Hiro, working the Port of Oakland, gets entangled with GG who sends him back in time to an insane asylum with an art studio. She needs to protect him from the beast, and have him create a key that will open a doorway to an alien universe that is in desperate need of the creative arts.

Bernie (another time traveler and Vietnam Vet struggling with PTSD), a dog, humpback whale, ghosts, a submarine temple, and the spirit of the Earth all conspire to help our two heroes liberate War’s creative spirit from being imprisoned by the military industrial complex. We aren’t sure if all this is just the crazy imagination of someone in a mental hospital, or perhaps they are onto something more serious and real.