Project Description

The beast sprints down the alley – glyphs, symbols, graphic shapes, tanks, and fighter jets, spill out onto the ground as it turns. It’s coming for her and she knows it as she keeps working on the graffiti piece. In another time an alert goes off for the entire Port of Oakland as an intruder spaceship enters vertically from above and leaves someone standing on the shore. Our hero follows the mysterious figure into an abandoned military hospital where he ends up being sent back in time, now an inmate in the psych ward. She sent him there to give him uninterrupted studio-time for she needs him to create something that the Other Worlds will use in the future, and to protect him from the creatures of War.

By Mark Lewis Wagner MA
A sci-fi graphic novel/film in the works (coming soon)

Something unusual and unexpected is happening, the Arts are engaging War mythologically, helping to initiate humanity into its next level of consciousness, healing a money and power addiction to War, transforming the Earth from so much bloodshed, and reclaiming the Creative Spirit for the benefit of all. This is real… the story is just the way to show it.

The GRAFFITI WARS is a love story that shows how the Arts save the World. It’s also a story of imagining War differently. Told as a beautifully illustrated graphic novel, it’s a magical and mysterious story of a young man named Hero who is a tugboat pilot whose best friend is whale, and a dog named Mr. Z. The other hero is an artist named Graffiti Gurl, whose destiny is to become one of the time travelers. The story is told through the eyes of someone in a psych hospital with real visions of ghosts, submarine temples, military graveyards, and the insanity of War itself. Crazy right?  Maybe not.

The project is created in loose sketches, storyboards, drawings, oil paintings, and digital photoshop imagery. Inspiration for the story is James Hillman’s book – The Terrible Love of War, as well as the art of Dave McKean.

Mark Lewis Wagner, MA is a digital and tradition visionary artist and educator. Wagner worked in the film industry as a concept artist on the Disney/Pixar film John Carter, and Terminator 3. Illustration clients include the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, SpaceX, Target, and the Oakland Museum. Wagner is the founder of the nonprofit Drawing on Earth (.org), their first project set a Guinness World Record for the largest chalk drawing. He has created 5 pieces of art that have been photographed by satellite. Mark is deeply involved in men’s work and ceremony, his home and studio is in Oakland CA.


Stay Tuned – this is going to be good!