From Home to the Print House

This homework project  takes you through the process of creating something on your computer and sending it to a Printing Press. Postcard, brochures, posters, letterhead, stickers, business cards, flyers, and more.

For this demo I’ll be using PSPrint –  I’ve been using their services for years. One of their print houses is local in Emeryville. I can pick up completed jobs at will call and avoid shipping.

Go to PsPrint Free Sample Kit and have them mail you their samples. Good to see and have as examples.


Using Templates and Layout Guidelines


Download Postcard Template (use this link)
Menu/Design Resources/Layout Guidelines
File Type – PSD (for this demo – Photoshop)
Size: 4 x 6,  General
Open this in Photoshop

• The template resolution by default is 300 dpi (dots per inch), 4.25 x 6.25 in.
The color mode set to CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
Remember our destination is print, not the web, so we don’t care about pixel count, just inches.

• There is a BLEED area that requires that the art is slightly larger so that there is a clear area to cut.

• There is also a SAFE blue line that all TEXT need to be inside of.

• See the video  of “How to use our layout guidelines for Photoshop.”

• You will add artwork and text. In the end you delete (hide) the template and flatten your file as a PDF, or Photoshop ESP (Encapsulated PostScript).

• If you ever want to pay and print the postcard follow the directions to order, select what you want as in paper thickness, gloss etc…, how many (compare prices and print numbers). You pay for your order and then follow directions to upload your files. FRONT & BACK


• Create a postcard design using a downloaded template.
• Imagine it to be a calling card for your design expertise and creative spirit.
• 3 Things to Use (plus template)
1) Artwork that you created (could be from studio visit), needs to be new. Textures and patterns are good, line drawings, water colors, etc..
3) TEXT (and of course composition and your your fabulous Photoshop skills).

Name work: lastname_creativespirit01.jpg for homework. RESIZE your piece when you save out – nothing larger than 1200 pixels in any directions.