Type & Custom Shape Design

Prof MLWagner
Chabot College

Type • Custom Shapes • Guides

• Create 2 files, vertical and horizontal

• 6 x 8 in. @300 ppi, 8 x 6 in @ 300 ppi (this is the world of PRINT – inches and pixels per inch).

• Create new layer (never work on background). Fill layer with a color. Pick color, select all, edit/fill/foreground.

• Add new layer. Select a different color.

• Select Costume Shape Tools in ToolBox. You will see many folder that have images, look into the LEGACY sections.  You can also see shapes by using the menu/window/shapes.

• Start from the bottom and open up all the folders. Use the GEAR to the right of the shapes to set preview LARGE THUMBNAIL

• The illustration below was with an earlier version of Photoshop which allows you to add and see all shapes. 


• See Shape, click on small gear to upper right, click on ALL/append. This adds copyright free symbols to your entire shape library. Get to know them, they are helpful and fun. Symbols communicate – like a light bulb is a good idea.


• STYLES: Styles are pre-created treatments that offer a wild array of colors, drop shadows, and textures. Styles window can be found in MENU/WINDOWS/STYLES. ADD STYLES by using small box right top of style panel. You need to append to each one at a time.

• After adding more costume shapes, merge the ones you want into one layer (just the shapes – not the background layers). Highlight one layer, hold shift key down, highlight(activate) bottom layer of shapes, they all become active. Top right of same window is a small arrow with file shape, drop down menu, select MERGE LAYERS.


• Remember if you mess up, go to Menu/Windows/History and use slider and go back to where you want to be.


• Use GUIDES  to Center images and understand composition. Guides “MENU/VIEW/NEW GUIDE LAYOUT. Fool around with settings. GUTTER is for PRINT layout and having spacing between paragraphs. 3 and 3 is Rule of Thirds, 4 and 4 will get you 2 center lines.

To make your own GUIDES you need to activate your RULER – COMMAND R. Move your cursor to one of the four side of the RULER, click and drag and you’ll see a GUIDE follow with your cursor. Move it the where you want it and let go. Continue. “Command ;” turn them on and off. You can also navigate these in VIEW, you can also turn on/off RULER here and SNAP TO which help even more to align things.